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Signs That Stress is Killing You

Top 7 Signs That Stress is Killing You

We all know that too much stress is unhealthy for you, but many individuals don’t realize when they’ve hit that threshold. The body is capable of dealing with stress, but only to a certain level. After that, indicators that something is wrong become more obvious, and unfortunately, physicians often misdiagnose the core reason.

In addition, being able to identify and link symptoms should set you on the right path to quickly identify when the effects of stress are becoming so compounded, that it can kill you. Look out for the following.

How do You Know if Stress is Killing You?

Premature Aging

We all age at various rates, and that’s just OK. When you start greying before the age of 30, and none of your parents have comparable characteristics, you can tell something is seriously wrong. Many young people are pursuing careers as corporate leaders, which include long hours at the workplace and restless nights.

This takes a toll, with accelerated aging being one of the first symptoms that stress is slowly killing you. You may also notice that your skin seems to be in worse condition than usual, which is mostly due to cortisol’s effects. It can’t be undone, but it’s never too late to start making the necessary adjustments today to counteract what has already begun.

You Are Always Tired

While sleep is a wonderful cure for whatever ails you, stress is a huge beast that isn’t always simple to tame. Adrenal tiredness is an apparently undiagnosed syndrome that arises after periods of persistently high cortisol and adrenalin production, resulting in a suppression of the adrenal system’s functions.

As a result, our adrenal glands’ usual get-up-and-go is no longer present. Without the use of stimulants that elicit forced activity of these hormones, drive and motivation become more difficult to sustain, resulting in a condition of continual grogginess and lethargy.

You Are Frequently Sick or Unwell

After being recruited for a long time, cortisol lowers our immune system. As a consequence, immune system cells become less capable of dealing with threats to the body’s health. When your immune system is inhibited, even the common seasonal flu that you usually escape might seem like the plague.

You Find It Impossible to Lose Weight

While cortisol does not cause weight gain in and of itself, the processes by which it functions do. For one thing, cortisol is a miser, attempting to retain as many calories as possible in your body. This is because cortisol recruitment is a basic survival drive. The second effect is on blood sugar levels.

In the case that you need immediate energy, it prompts the liver to convert stored glycogen into glucose and release it into the bloodstream. Insulin follows sugar everywhere it goes, resulting in fat accumulation and fat-burning obstruction.

Your Sex Drive Has Vaporized

Cortisol makes it harder for males to have erections, lowers testosterone levels, and causes women’s menstrual cycles to be disrupted. Both genders have disturbances in sexual function and desire as a result of this.

Your Brain Refuses to Work At 100% Efficiency

The seeming degradation of your brain goes hand in hand with the grogginess of everyday living. It’s almost hard for you to concentrate, focus, or develop sophisticated plans. When you add a bad memory to the mix, it’s easy to understand how stress might put you dangerously near to death.

Chest Pains/ Palpitations

This is the most severe of the group, and it’s when you’ll know how much stress is killing you. It increases artery obstructions on and around the heart, as well as reducing the capacity of blood vessels to relax, raising blood pressure and increasing the risk of stroke.

You become easily winded and experience chest pains with the least exertion. This is a horrible sign that stress is killing you.

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