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How to Deal with Stress in Your Teenager

Top 5 Tips How to Deal with Stress in Your Teenager

In our busy lives, it’s easy to forget that we were all teenagers once. Teenagers face many challenges. Their schedules are chaotic, and they have high expectations at school. Trying to find the bridge between being a child and an adult, they are navigating the world. It’s not an easy task!

Teenagers often experience high levels of stress due to hormones and developing brains. As parents and guardians, it’s always worth taking a few minutes to consider how your teenager may be suffering from stress and work out some simple, positive ways to help them cope and thrive!

Consider these top tips on how to deal with stress in your teenagers:

  1. Create routines. Stability is vital for teens. Something as simple as a routine can create rhythm in the household and instill a sense of calm into their life.  
  • Teenagers can be unpredictable, with hormones and mood swings wreaking havoc on their feelings and behavior, so simple routines can help them feel safe and let them recognize familiarity.

  • Try to maintain certain routines. Get your teenager to wake up at a certain time, stick to a strict sleep schedule, and encourage them to fulfill their commitments and chores. The sense of stability will help to calm and stabilize them.
  1. Set aside down time. Find time in the day to sit down with your teenager and talk about the day. Make time to discuss their thoughts and feelings and engage in their interests.
  • During this quality time, avoid using your phones and stay away from screens. Find out what may be concerning your teenager and focus on the art of conversation.
  • In a world where young people are constantly socializing or working on school assignments, it’s important to schedule some down time.
  1. Engage in enjoyable activities. Find something that you and your teenager enjoy. Pick up a new hobby together or play board games. Go for walks or even cook together.
  • We all spend so much of our time glued to screens and social media, why not engage in activities together that involve socializing, exercising, or just enjoying something new?
  • You could even encourage your teenager to help you around the house, giving them responsibility. Help them to feel needed and mature by involving them in your day-to-day commitments!
  1. Promote discussion. Remind your teenagers that talking is healthy! If something is bothering them, have a discussion.
  • Make a point of encouraging your teenager to talk about their feelings. They can write down their thoughts or have an open and frank discussion with you about how important it is to not keep things bottled up. It will fill your teenager with confidence!
  1. Stay healthy. Encouraging your young teenager to fuel their body is crucial to their wellbeing. Reduce their stress by ensuring that you cook healthy meals for them full of nutrition and goodness. Sleep is crucial too!
  • Making sure that your teenager has enough sleep is crucial to both their mental development and their physical wellbeing. A good night’s sleep will refresh and revive them for whatever they may face next!

You won’t be able to read your teenager thoughts. What you can do, however, is give assistance. Ascertain that they have a consistent schedule, eat well, and get adequate sleep. Most importantly, make sure they have time to speak to you about anything that is bothering them so you can help them relax!

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