Causes Of Burnout

Causes of burnout

These are the top 5 causes of burnout!

There are five major causes of burnout involving one’s work, lifestyle, and personality. These causes are feeling overworked, feeling undervalued, mental outlook, a lack of life balance, and stressful environments. These different factors can increase the possibility of you feeling burnt out in your life.

Feeling Overworked

It is very common to be overworked. Every day more things are added to our to-do list, and we are still expected to get it all done. Work, maintain home, have a family, have a social life, and more. A whole lot is expected of us at all times. When there are so many things that require your time, energy, and effort, it can be easy to feel overworked. More and more are expected out of us and because of this, it can be easy to feel burnout.

Some ways to stop feeling so overworked are to take a break and reevaluate your responsibilities. If you have time off available, and it is feasible to do so, take some time off to allow yourself the time to catch up. If not, look at all the work you are doing and try to determine if there is anything you can stop doing.

Perhaps you are spending a lot of time on a task that doesn’t really matter or that you yourself don’t have to do. If possible, in your home, try to delegate easier personal tasks to other home members. This could be things like washing the dishes or doing laundry.

Feeling Undervalued

There are so many things to do and yet you still work to do it all. But does anyone appreciate you? It can be very easy to get caught up in how you think others value you. Wondering what they think and say about you in addition to not feeling like they appreciate what you are doing can be a large cause of burnout.

One way to start feeling valued again is to talk to the people around you. Ask your boss if you are doing a good job or what they thought about your most recent project. Most of the time, if you ask someone how you did, they are likely to compliment you if they were pleased with your work.

Just because you had to encourage their review doesn’t mean that what they tell you isn’t true. Internet marketplaces have to do a lot of work to encourage people to leave reviews. But when customers do respond, they tell the truth about the product or their experience.

Mental Outlook

Your mental outlook can have a lot to do with you becoming burnt out. Individuals who are naturally more pessimistic, more controlling, or are perfectionists are more likely to have this problem.

When you are naturally more pessimistic, it can be easy to focus on the many things that you need to get done or all the way that you feel like you’re failing and not living up to someone else’s or your own expectations.

The same is very similar for an individual who is a perfectionist. They often feel like anything less than there very best is unacceptable. For individuals who are controlling, they want to have control over every situation possible.

This is often not feasible because in life there is very little that we have full control over. Other people are often going to do things that we don’t expect or don’t want. When you are of these mental outlooks, it can be easy to get burnt out.

To help with the burnout, try to realign your mental outlook. Being more positive about life, having fewer impossible standards for yourself and others, and being more open to change will all help you to feel refreshed. Keep in mind that changes like these will not take place overnight and will require a lot of effort to become permanent.

Lack of Life Balance

It can be easy to get caught up in different parts of your life. Examples of this are skipping lunch to finish a project or working late. It can also look like staying out incredibly late with your friends when you have to work the next morning. When these events happen occasionally, it is easier to deal with their outcomes. But the continual disregard for your personal health is an easy way to become burnt out.

To rebalance out your life, take a look at where you spend your time. Try to figure out what you can do to better spend your time. Work, social life, and personal health are all important, but you need to make sure that they are balanced well.

Stressful Environments

Continually living through stressful events or living in a stressful environment is a good way to burn yourself out. This stress could be from your job, a person in your life, or a situation that you have to deal with. There will always be stressful things that you have to deal with, but the stress should go away at some point. Having continual stress is the problem.

Focus on dealing with the stresses you can handle instead of the ones you cannot. Examples of this are cutting toxic people out of your life or changing jobs.

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