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Choices in Mental Health 6 Reasons Why How We Talk To Ourselves Ways to Express Emotions
Choices in Mental Health
5 Healthy Choices That Support Mental Health.
6 Reasons Why How We Talk To Ourselves
Our Self-Talk Shapes Our Self-Image
Ways to Express Emotions
5 ways to express emotions healthily


Stress Relieving Tips

10 Wonderful Practical Stress Relieving Tips. Number 6 is Absolutely Stunning

Stress-related issues are always swirling around us, and it frequently seems as though the pressure will never let off. However, you will learn some really basic stress-relieving tips without causing damage to your health.

What Are 10 Ways to Relieve Stress

1. Cut out the busyness. What things can you cut out of your schedule to give you more quality time for yourself and your family?

  • What clubs or organizations do you belong to? What meetings or activities are you involved in? Is it all necessary?
  • Carefully consider which programs and activities you can remove from your schedule – then do it!

2. De-clutter and organize your home. When your home is cluttered and unorganized, you tend to feel cluttered and unorganized on the inside, causing you more stress.

  • Get rid of the stuff you never use by selling it, throwing it away, or giving it to someone who’ll make use of it. Once you’ve done that, organize what’s leftover and make a place for everything. If necessary, use labels and organizational containers to make it easy to find things again.

3. De-clutter and organize your workspace. Organizing your workspace is no different than de-cluttering your home.

  • Remember, your external environment affects your internal peace. Messy on the outside likely means messy on the inside.

4. One of the major stress factors is money. However, there’s a simple solution: a budget. Most people don’t like the word budget, but budgeting doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, financial planning actually helps you save money.

  • Search online to find a budgeting system that works best for you. It needs to be simple and easy to use every day. Once you’re on a budget you’ll feel a lot less stressed due to finances.

  • Seek the help of an experienced financial planner who can steer you on the right financial path.

5. Enjoy what you do have. In our society, you’ve probably learned somewhere along the way that more is better. Well, it’s not.

  • When you learn to be content with what you have right now, you’ll find much more peace within yourself.

6. Get regular exercise. Your body burns off more than just fat and calories when you work out. Working out also burns off steam.

  • If you’re stressed due to work situations or family conflict, getting a good workout will help you relieve stress. You’ll be able to think and reason more clearly, which will help you deal with some of the core issues that are causing your stress.

7. Eat healthier. Yes, eating healthy foods does relieve stress because when your body is nourished properly, it functions optimally. Eating right lends itself to clearer thinking.

8. Reduce your workload. If you have a heavy workload, either on the job or at home, do what you can to reduce it.

  • Take a good look at your routine and determine if the workload is worth the toll it’s taking on your body and health. If it’s not – and there’s no end in sight – perhaps it’s not the proper solution to your problems anyway.

9. Communication is key to relieving stress in your life. If you have a friend you can talk to openly and honestly, seek them out.

  • Getting things off your chest will help you sort out problems and see your situation in a new light. The less foggy your mind is, the more stress you’ll be able to remove from your life.

  • It often helps to have someone outside of the situation to talk to because they’ll likely see something you don’t.

10. Journaling is a great way to relieve stress. You can have an outlet without having to reveal your deep thoughts to the world.

  • Journaling is a great way to see the progress you’ve made, which can be very therapeutic.

As you can see, there are many ways to reduce stress. Put them into practice now and you’ll soon begin to see a real difference in your life. Your stress will start to diminish, and you’ll be free to enjoy your beautiful life!

Stress Relieving Affirmations

By talking things out with others, I can combat stress.

I speak up for myself rather than let a situation cause me to stress that things get bottled up inside me. I am not afraid to tell people how I feel. Talking things out with others opens avenues for better communication.

I am entitled to be heard. I have the right to express my point of view and for others to listen because I have valid things to say. However, those rights also carry the responsibility to be respectful in my speech. 

I can respectfully address someone if they are doing something that upsets me without losing my temper. I am in control of my emotions. My emotions are not in control of me. I choose to use my words in stressful situations.

Often, I find that I am stressed because I misunderstood something that was said. Open lines of communication help to minimize confusion. I work better when I feel like I am understood by others. 

I stay away from violence because it solves nothing. Violence only leads me to feel more stressed than before. It leaves me feeling embarrassed and defeated. When I want to be understood, gentle words are my main form of defense.

Because I am a writer, I have a vast vocabulary and sharp communication skills because I am an educated individual. I use these tools when I am involved in a dispute. My vocabulary is sprinkled with kindness. When I speak with gentleness, others are more than willing to reach an agreement with me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I use my words to combat stress?
2. What has stopped me from talking things out with others in the past?
3. What qualities do I have that make me a good communicator?

101 Stress-Busting Techniques

Who is the biggest enemy in your life? Is it your unfriendly ex, your mean boss, or that old high school bully? Whomever you think it is, I bet you weren’t thinking it would be the monster we’re all so familiar with, Stress…

But yes, stress is truly public enemy #1. More than you may realize, stress is the biggest factor in your life causing all manner of ailments and diseases. Studies have shown chronic stress to account for up to 90% of all health problems!

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